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If you have (or suspect you have) autoimmune disease, an AIP retreat could be just what you need.

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Five full days of expert support in the South of France, all fully catered with AIP-compliant food! Find your Small Steps to Self-care in 2024.

Photography - Donna Ford
Photography - Donna Ford

Hi! I'm Becca - Functional Health Coach and Nutrition Counsellor.

I'm a behaviour change and Functional Medicine specialist, with multiple autoimmune (and other) chronic diseases. I can help you to design and implement realistic lifestyle and dietary changes to reduce inflammation and get your spark back ✨

Are you a busy parent, carer or educator with no time for yourself? Dealing with the challenges of chronic disease? Maybe all of the above! Wherever you are at right now, I believe in your ability to choose better health. Yes, even if every medical professional you've seen has told you that the way you feel is 'normal' for your situation (or that you just need to stop stressing).

If you could use a partner along the way, I can help you find your path. And there's no pressure to rush. We will find a pace that works for you, because that is where we'll find the good stuff. We will build the long-term habits that will point you in the direction of vitality and joy - which to me is what life is all about.

Sessions are available online worldwide, and in-person in the Bromley, Kent and London areas (location dependant). You will come away with a plan to build the more vibrant, healthy life you'd love to have - one step at a time.

See more on services for individuals, families, groups and schools.

“In the last 10 months, and as a result of my work with Becca, I have managed to create a programme of well-being and good health, creatively organise the space in my home, and restructure my relationship with my partner. I am enjoying time to myself and have reconnected with my creative side, generally really enjoying my own company and space to be creative. I am currently setting up in business having been out of work since lockdown began in March 2020. I thoroughly value Becca as a coach and heartily recommend her services for anyone who wants to see their vision come to life.”


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How might you take a step towards healthy change? A slow stroll? Tentative tip-toes? Dance? Jump with both feet?

What matters is finding your way to feeling good.

I can help.

Book a free 30-minute chat with me here to explore how.

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