Simple Definitions: Functional Medicine [3 min read]

Functional Medicine is an approach based in cutting-edge science. A prominent practitioner in the UK is Dr Rangan Chatterjee [i] (of Doctor in the House and other BBC fame). ...
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What does a health coach actually do? [6 min read]

My fundamental role as a coach is to partner with you on your way to making changes for the better. My areas of expertise include ...
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Simple Definitions: ancestral health [3 min read]

Ancestral health may be a term you have heard but are not quite clear on, or perhaps it is new to you. The basic premise ...
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5 ways to get mindful in under 5 minutes – [5 min read]

It is easy to think that any kind of meditative practice is for other people. Those who have more time, and perhaps more of a ...
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Gentle steps to healthy change [4 min read]

There is nothing quite like a global pandemic to highlight how precious health really is in all its forms. As we move towards the next ...
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