two people in a green hammock seen from the back against a forest of trees. On our quest to manage stress, nature, other people, and time to truly relax can be powerful tools.

Foundations of Health: How to manage stress – [4 min read]

Managing stress is critical to all elements of well-being. So what can we do about it?
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View of sunlight coming down through calm water, as seen from below the surface. Stress matters, and every step we can take to calm the waters will help our overall well-being.

Foundations of Health: Stress matters – [4 min read]

Stress can have a huge impact on well-being. Start here to find out how, and why it matters.
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Progression of stages of a growing seed, shown through a view above and below the soil. Functional medicine supports the health of the whole organism, by tending to the roots and the soil, as well as the plant above the ground.

Simple Definitions: Functional Medicine [3 min read]

Functional Medicine is becoming better known, though you may be a little fuzzy on what the term actually means.
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Warm orange neon sign reading 'change'. A health coach is essentially a change expert, who can help you to do things differently - and feel better.

What does a health coach actually do? [6 min read]

Health coaching is a relatively new profession, so allow me to explain a little about how this works.
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What is ancestral health? Evolving silhouettes showing the change from primates, through early hominins to a modern human sitting on a laptop.

Simple Definitions: ancestral health [3 min read]

What is ancestral health, and why does it matter?
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Neon sign reading 'You Are Here'. 5-minute mindfulness can bring you back to yourself, anytime, anywhere.

5-minute mindfulness, 5 ways – [5 min read]

Mindfulness really can happen anytime, and anywhere. 5 quick ideas for a range of day-to-day situations.
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Gentle healthy change [4 min read]

We are often hard on ourselves when trying to get healthier. How about an alternative approach?
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