Quick, Simple Self-care

There is a pervasive belief in modern industrialised societies that it is self-indulgent, even weak, to take care of ourselves. That the strong thing to do is to push through, no matter how bad we might feel.  I disagree. Take care of ourselves, even a little, can make us stronger, more resilient, more creative, calmer, healthier and happier. Doesn’t that sound worth a few minutes?

‘Busy’ is the state so many of us live in. It can seem that there is simply no time to consider forming a new habit, even a little one. My gentle invitation is this. Can you find five minutes to think? It can be while you are doing something else (that you can do on autopilot) if need be – like brushing your teeth. In these five minutes, consider what makes you feel calm and relaxed. Perhaps some things that you still see glimmers of from time to time, or things that have slipped out of your day-to-day life. Maybe there are some that you have always wanted to try, but have never found the time. I know, from personal experience as well as that of my clients, that taking a small step towards bringing even one of these things into your life more regularly can be surprisingly powerful. Identifying some of them is step one.

Below you will find various articles to help you explore what to do next.

Neon sign reading 'You Are Here'. 5-minute mindfulness can bring you back to yourself, anytime, anywhere.

5-minute mindfulness, 5 ways – [5 min read]

It is easy to think that any kind of meditative practice is for other people. Those who have ...
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