Small Steps to Big Change

Change can feel daunting, or sometimes even impossible. This is especially true if where we want to get to is a long way from where we are. Doing things differently feels complicated, and requires thought as well as effort. Already pulled in so many directions, how can we even find time to consider where to begin? There is an alternative approach. Small steps are really the only way to begin a journey, even a long one. Consider the way we grow and change as children, in small increments that add up to huge changes. Imagine the power of building conscious awareness of the cumulative effect of all those tiny efforts. To know that every little step can be in a direction that we can actively choose.

Every small choice we make today that is a little better than yesterday is progress. Faster is not always better. The simpler changes are, the easier they will be to sustain and build upon. Instead of waiting for that (completely imaginary) point of readiness to tackle it all, how might it feel to choose constant movement on the path towards the life you want?

See below for more ideas on how this might work.

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