Small Steps to Big Change

Becca stands on a red dot to the right of the image, with the TEDx sign on the left. Wearing sliver sequinned trousers and a black top, smiling. Some tops of heads in the front of the crowd are visible. Banner to the left shows TEDx Lewisham presents: The Power of Kindness. Talk is called Everyday Ways to Love a Struggling Body.

My TEDx talk: ‘Everyday ways to love a struggling body’

For those of us with chronic disease, our bodies can feel like the enemy. We can change that, one step at a time.
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two people in a green hammock seen from the back against a forest of trees. On our quest to manage stress, nature, other people, and time to truly relax can be powerful tools.

Foundations of Health: How to manage stress – [4 min read]

Managing stress is critical to all elements of well-being. So what can we do about it?
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Warm orange neon sign reading 'change'. A health coach is essentially a change expert, who can help you to do things differently - and feel better.

What does a health coach actually do? [6 min read]

Health coaching is a relatively new profession, so allow me to explain a little about how this works.
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Neon sign reading 'You Are Here'. 5-minute mindfulness can bring you back to yourself, anytime, anywhere.

5-minute mindfulness, 5 ways – [5 min read]

Mindfulness really can happen anytime, and anywhere. 5 quick ideas for a range of day-to-day situations.
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Gentle healthy change [4 min read]

We are often hard on ourselves when trying to get healthier. How about an alternative approach?
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