“Working with Becca has been the missing key in my life. It's like walking my whole life in a desert of inner thirst, and then you finally find someone who can give you the empathy you need, the questions to light up your mind, and the resources to fashion your own solutions. She helps me unlock the simple solutions waiting just on the other side of reflection. 

I started working with her because I was tired of talking to everyone around me about my health issues, and constantly reading things on the internet about how to fix them. I was starting to feel crazy! 
Working with her I immediately felt emotionally better, as I am a verbal processor. She really listens deeply and is completely neutral, just rooting for your success, however you define that.
I started to see small improvements in my lifestyle which led to incremental increases in energy, vibrance, and happiness. What started with help fully implementing the AIP elimination diet has led to a complete life makeover, as we've explored all the facets of health, from sleep to career to step-parenting... Basically anything I need to problem solve, she's my secret super power to thriving in these uncertain times.
The biggest insight was learning about and starting to more consciously use something called my Unique Ability. It showed me my purpose, in a way, and she's been helping me step more fully into doing the things I uniquely am gifted to do. 
Another great evolution of our work is she has started couples coaching with my and my partner. For us it's been way more helpful than couples counseling.  Empathizing with each other and finding solutions has made a huge difference. He started the elimination diet recently with Becca's coaching and it's like day and night-- he is so much calmer and kinder. Soon I'll invite my mom to hop on a call with Becca and me since she's elderly and her health issues will likely affect me more in the future. I'm retiring from telling her what to do!
The cost of working with Becca on an ongoing basis adds up, but I feel like it's what makes my life work right now. I'm creating a profoundly fulfilling life and partnership, a deeply nourished and healthy body, and a rejuvenating lifestyle tailor-made just for me. So when it comes to money, these days I often feel like a million bucks, and I know I have the support I need, that family and friends can't reliably provide."


“Becca was terrific! Patient, professional, and so easy to be with. I learnt a lot, but mostly about me!"

Rating for the event: 6 out of 5 - Excellent

Lee (workshop participant)

“I started working with Becca in summer 2020 when lockdown was pressing heavily on my mental well being. My home was overcrowded and my relationship was under much strain. I wasn’t sure what I would get out of our sessions, but was under such a cloud that I felt I had to do something. I had some concern that it might only make my mental state worse as past experiences with personal development and well being had put some strain on me, but I found working with Becca easy and light. She fast became like a trustworthy companion and I always look forward to our sessions together.

In the last 10 months, and as a result of my work with Becca, I have managed to create a programme of well being and good health, creatively organise the space in my home, and restructure my relationship with my partner. I am enjoying time to myself and have reconnected with my creative side, generally really enjoying my own company and space to be creative. I am currently setting up in business having been out of work since lockdown began in March 2020. I thoroughly value Becca as a coach and heartily recommend her services for anyone who wants to see their vision come to life.


“I highly recommend Becca to anyone seeking coaching, she will blow your mind! She helped me feel like dynamite. She provides comprehensive and bespoke coaching. I had over 4 months of 1:1 coaching and she was brilliant. She is a gifted and intuitive coach who cares and loves what she does. She provided tailor-made sessions with a holistic approach. She listened to my needs, made fantastic suggestions, and went above and beyond. I still feel the benefits of her wisdom.”


“Becca helped me to learn to administer a bit of self-compassion at a time when I was feeling very compressed and pressured with a new baby and a toddler during the lockdown and feeling like I wasn’t fulfilling my potential in many areas. As well as this I felt she had an amazing ability to really attune herself to my position and help articulate the muddle in my head and present it and lay it out and give manageable practical action to explore. It was wonderful and I looked forward to that “me time” each week so much.”


“Becca very empathetically, enabled me to uncover some deep-seated issues which I didn’t even know I had. She skilfully guided me to establishing various life protocols and enabled me to better tackle issues such as blood sugar control. I have learned a lot about myself along this journey and feel a better person in myself for it. Thank you Becca.”


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