Thinking about your family's health, how do you feel?

If any of this resonates with you, you are most certainly not alone!

How about a FREE online workshop to help you uncomplicate it and find some direction?


If you missed the May workshop, you can still register for future sessions (timings TBC), or for more in-depth support through my Foundations of Whole Family Health 6-week online group programme.


Thursday 26th May 2022 from 10:00 - 11:00am.

A recording will be emailed to all registered attendees, so don't worry if you are unable to attend live - though I'd love it if you can! It is a great opportunity to ask questions.


On Zoom. You will be sent a link by email in advance when you register to attend the workshop.

What will we cover?

I will run through the five foundational pillars of health, and how they can help you and your family to thrive. 

I will also outline a super-simple approach to implementing change that really works. You will be able to apply this to any change you want to make, now or in the future.

For those attending live, you will have a chance to ask questions. Everyone will come away with some simple action steps (of your choice) to try out with your family.

What does it cost?

Nothing! The Uncomplicating Family Health workshop is completely FREE!

Why am I talking about family health?

As a Functional Health Coach one of my areas of specialism is working with clients with chronic health conditions, particularly autoimmune disease. Chronic disease of all kinds is on the rise at alarming rates. So why am I also talking about family health? 

I am a parent, a step-parent, and a former primary school teacher. I very strongly believe that working with families (and schools) is a critical element of the effort to change things for future generations. We can learn alongside our children how to take greater responsibility for our health, and to understand it better.

Exploring this with children offers an opportunity to foster strong foundations of empowered health awareness, and informed personal choice - which I find very exciting!

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