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Hi! I'm Becca Benning. I'm all about the simple, realistic steps that can help you to reduce inflammation and get your spark back ✨ Because let's be honest, even considering the idea of making a change to benefit our health can be enough to induce an overwhelm-related headache! There are approximately a gazillion things we tell ourselves that we 'should' be doing, so of course what we actually do is beat ourselves up about about being unmotivated and useless, and change nothing*.

(*No judgement, I've been there - with bells on!)

Ready to get unstuck and find your personal starting point? You're in the right place! This 100% counts as a step in itself, and the quiz will help you find your next one - so it's a (completely free) two for one 😉

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Hiya 👋🏻

I'm so glad you found your way here. My name is Becca Benning, and my aim is to help you feel better - even if you've been told there's nothing else you can do, or maybe even that you're 'fine' as you are (don't get me started, that's a topic for another day!).

I work with clients with chronic health problems, particularly autoimmunity, whether diagnosed or not. I support them to design and implement a bespoke and realistic plan to build (and sustain) the feel-good habits they'd love to have. 

If you're not fussed about my CV you can skip this paragraph, but in case you'd like to know what qualifies me to guide anyone on their way to improved well-being, I am a Functional Health Coach (trained by Chris Kresser and the wonderful faculty at the Kresser Institute) and an AIP-Certified Head and shoulders photograph of Becca looking down, laughing. A white woman with short dark hair, wearing a bright pink and purple dress with a grey long-sleeved top underneath. Coach. In 2023 I certified as a Functional Nutrition Counsellor with Andrea Nakayama and her team at The Functional Nutrition Alliance.

I am also a parent, a step-parent, a former teacher, and an Autoimmune Protocol (AIP) veteran with multiple autoimmune and other chronic health conditions (including MS, coeliac disease, thyroid dysfunction, psoriasis and adenomyosis).

My clients are individuals, families and educators who are:

  • Struggling to nurture their well-being amid busy lives.
  • Battling beliefs that self-care is an unjustified indulgence.
  • Often focused more on caring for others
  • Fed up with feeling they have to say no, when they'd love to say yes.
  • Ready for a different approach.

Find out more about me here.

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